It is all about understanding.

Drinkland is an online store base on the knowledge of NZ market with more than a decade experience.

We believe every bottle has own soul, we respect drinks and we understand them. We love listen every customer’s opinion, and help them find the right. We source products from around the world and local, offer safe saying excellent bottles in outstanding value for NZ market.

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We keep wanting more

At Drinkland, we have always been passionate, fanatic, crazy about and completely in love with wines and spirits.
What separates wine or spirit from other beverages is its complexity. Not just the complexity within itself, but in all the details that make up a bottle. What it is made from, where it was made and who made it. All vital factors build up a bottle, and the most important thing is why made it like this.

All stories build up the drink.
Wine and spirit are so fascinating, simply because it comes in so many varieties, styles and colours from so many places around the globe.
Discovering new flavours and aromas and constantly adding new dimension, that’s why we search for new, exciting and unique drink from worldwide. We continue to love seeking and share the experience with you.

We are growing.

We love to share, which is why we are growing a team. Our knowledgeable staffs offer a personal service – on retail, wholesale, special event supply. Drinkland understands your request, knows drinks, and we have your drink.
Best deal at the highest quality… it’s what drinkland works.